Was Van Gogh A Victim…Of Himself?

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Therefore, he worked as an artist for just 10 years of his life. This report investigates why his artistic works were neglected and underestimated although he lived in the Enlightenment Age, meaning he lived at the era when the art movement was at its apex.

It follows that Vincent van Gogh had dwelt in a revived and flourishing artistic movement, which was supposed to assist him flourish as an artist and become wealthy. To the contrary, he didn’t avail himself of the Enlightenment Age and develop a reputation as an artist. Although Vincent painted 900 paintings and over 1,100 drawings, his works remained unidentified and unsold and his brother Theo supported him financially throughout his life.

Possibly one reason for his failure to claim himself as a well-reputed artist is his awkward behaviour when he underwent psychotic episodes and delusions. Another reason that added insult to injury is his short-tempered character and rudeness that the majority of the times brought him bloody confrontations most prominently his struggle with his fellow Gauguin that ended up with cutting Vincent’s’ earlobe. Moreover, he was always dirty and not well-dressed, which made people avoid dealing with him or purchasing his artistic works. Moreover, the deterioration of his health and financial standing delivered more pangs to his life and caused an early departure to such a terrific artist such as Vincent but today in our era, his glorious painting (Portrait of Dr Gachet) is marketed about 150 million dollars in auctions.

What we learn from Vincent’s experience is the seed that’s planted in darkness can blossom later in the light. This means that in case you work on something maybe you won’t see its fruits or its fruits could be predestined to the upcoming generations. Furthermore significant as a moral lesson is that we shouldn’t judge gifted people by their outward show but by their own skills, talents and essence.

Vincent van Gogh is only an example of the talented men and women who failed in their pursuit towards glory.

Pool Is Open!!

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the pool open year round? Based on where you live this is an alternative, but for the rest of us, unless your swimming pool is indoor, then you are going to need to shut it in the autumn. All isn’t lost! Based on how you shut the pool the previous autumn, opening the pool must be a piece of cake.

The first thing you will need to do when opening a pool would be to take the cover off. Now in case you reside in a place with plenty of blowing leaves in the autumn, you will probably have some leaves and other debris on the cover. If you can get this off until you take off the cover you have won the battle, otherwise the debris will get in the water and you will only need to vacuum it up after.

You can now go on and reconnect all of the hoses and equipment and refill the pool. Hopefully you stored all of the hoses and their various connectors together which will make opening the pool operate all the more easily. When the winterizing plugs are outside, and the hoses are securely fastened, grab the hose and then refill the pool!

When you’ve got a wonderful full pool again it is time to prime the pump and get it working once more. Here is where you can fix anything that’s leaking or replace parts which were either lost or are on their last legs. After everything is working in prime sequence it is time to check the water and include the essential substances to get it clean and optimal for swimming.

Now’s the time to vacuum the bottom of the pool and wash the sides, which makes it as clean as may be after it is winter break. Place the ladders back, the diving board and slide back in place if they’ve been removed throughout the winter and give the water a shock treatment to eliminate germs and viola, you are all set to enjoy this backyard pool once more!


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The name cookie comes from the Dutch word koekje. The British call them biscuits, originating from the Latin bis coctum (seems somewhat risque) and translates into “twice baked.” Food historians appear to agree that biscuits, or small cakes, were first utilized to check the temperature of an oven. A small spoonful of batter has been dropped on a baking pan and put into the hearth oven. If it came out correctly, the heat was prepared for the entire cake or bread. Bakers and cooks employed this method for centuries, generally pitching out the evaluation cake, till they figured out they may be missing something.

Alexander the Great’s army took a primitive kind of cookie in their many attempts, gobbling them as a fast pick-me-up after trouncing and pillaging cities in their own path, around the year 327 BC. As they became adopted by much of Europe, there are many documents referring to what is currently our contemporary biscuits (but no Oreos). Fast forward into the seventh century. Persians (currently Iranians) cultivated sugar and started creating hamburgers and cookie-type sweets. The Chinese, always hoping to be first to the party, used honey and baked smallish cakes over an open flame in pots and tiny ovens. From the sixteenth century they created the cookie cookie, occasionally substituting abundant walnuts. Asian immigrants brought these biscuits to the New World, and they joined our growing list of popular variants.

In the Middle East and the Mediterranean, this newfound concoction found its way into Spain during the Crusades, and as the spice trade improved, due to explorers such as Marco Polo, fresh and flavorful versions developed together with new baking methods. After it hit France, well, we understand how French bakers loved desserts and pastries. Cookies were added to their growing repertoire, and from the end of the 14th century, an individual could purchase small filled wafers across the streets of Paris. Recipes started to look in Renaissance cookbooks. Most were simple creations made out of butter or lard, honey or molasses, sometimes including nuts and raisins. But when it comes to food, easy isn’t in the French language, so their nice pastry chefs raised the bar with Madeleines, macaroons, piroulines and meringue topping the list.

Biscuits (really hardtack) became the ideal traveling food, since they stayed fresh for extended periods. For centuries, a “ship’s biscuit,” which some described as an iron-like feel, was aboard any boat that left port since it might last for the whole voyage. (Hopefully you had powerful teeth which would also last.)

It was only natural that ancient English, Scottish and Dutch immigrants brought the first cookies to America. Our simple butter cookies strongly resemble British teacakes and Scottish shortbread. Colonial housewives took great pride in their own biscuits, which were called “basic cakes” In the end, the Brits were enjoying afternoon tea with cakes and biscuits for centuries. From the early American cookbooks, cookies were relegated into the cake department and were known as Plunkets, Jumbles and Cry Babies. All three were your basic sugar or molasses cookies, but nobody appears to know where these names originated. Surely not to be left out of this combination, foodie president Thomas Jefferson served no lack of biscuits and tea cakes for his guests, both in Monticello and the White House. Although more of an ice cream and pudding fan himself, he enjoyed treating and impressing his guests with a huge range of sweets. Later presidents counted cookies as their favorite desserts, one of them Teddy Roosevelt, who adored Fat Rascals (could I make that up?) Notwithstanding their unusual names, these two early recipes are fundamental molasses drop cookies, with candied fruits, nuts and raisins. They are still around, we just don’t call them anymore.

Brownies came about in a rather unusual manner. In 1897, the Sears, Roebuck catalogue sold the first brownie mix, introducing Americans to one of their favourite bar cookies. Even though most cooks still baked their own candies, they adapted the recipe with variations of nuts and flavorings.The twentieth century gave way to whoopie pies, Oreos, snickerdoodles, butter, Toll House, gingersnaps, Fig Newtons, shortbread, and countless others.

Americans buy over $7.2 billion worth of biscuits annually, which obviously indicates a Cookie Monster nation. According to Best Ever Cookie Collection, here is how the top commercial brands stack up:

1. Nabisco Oreo
2. Private Label Sandwich Cookies

Who could have predicted the wild popularity of the Oreo cookie, introduced in 1912 from the Nabisco Baking Company. Or the humble beginnings of the Toll House cookie in 1937 in a native Northeast restaurant. The U.S. leads the world in cookie creation and consumption, spending over $675 million annually just on Oreos. Toll House cookies are a close second, both packed and homemade. The majority of us have our favorite, be it chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, sugar or good old Fig Newtons. Who wants afternoon tea? Americans consume them 24/7.

How’s Your Online Dating Profile?

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Internet dating sites and programs have changed how the new gen meets new individuals. There are lots of dating profiles to pick from, you must your game up and be cautious about how you portray yourself on the ideal online dating apps.

Sculpt your profile for your painting. Put your personality, the real you and what are you searching for; Your profile is your window to your odds of scoring the guy of your dreams on an online dating profile.

What most men wish to understand from a woman’s online dating profile?

Pictures and profile decoration is currently also being provided as a service by professionals. Internet dating profile writing is a legit service where professionals examine your target and optimize your profile to attract the ideal type of traction.

There are various qualities in an online profile which men look for. Following is a breakdown of what matters most for men.


Don’t use filters, keep your face visible, do not add group photographs, not even duets! Prove your positive side. A snap in your character -while cycling or simply outside with your dog.


Attributes that help us envision you better.


Believe it or not, girls with the term CrossFit in their profiles are 39 percent more likely to get messaged than the average woman. Just showing that you look after your body, and you will probably wind up meeting a man who also puts a whole lot of effort into staying healthy and fit himself.
Men Want honest women
If we go on a date with a girl that we met on the internet, and it begins like this… wait a minute, how old are you again? Then he likely will not be into you since you are lying and you’ve got a beard.

Please, both women and men, be honest and open about your age, about what it is that you want, about your life, so you do wind up meeting the proper match. Not for the short term, but in the future because each and every time you lie, you are setting yourself up for a complete dating disaster.

Finding Common Ground
Your interests, movies, music, places you enjoy, some things in common that we can associate with you, having more particular things will help us select common items and talk about that.

A caring heart and a kind spirit is appealing in itself.
Tell us what you like doing this that we can find some common ground, or you can tell us more about your own skills! Mention your hometown, you will never know if your dream man is from the same city!

Compatibility Indicators
Guys love girls with a sense of humor, daring, nerdy, or a simple girl next door, we love the profile that we may feel harmonious with and then attitude.

Like watching Star wars When Harry met Sally, place it out in the event that you like pop or metal, are you an outside person -screen your likes & dislikes, interests, and ideas!

Do not pretend you’re something you’re not or you will attract the wrong guys.

We want to find out what you look like, we would like to know you are fun to hang out with, and we would like to know you are not going to mommy us break our balls. Most girls I’ve seen recently attempt to market themselves too much in their profiles.

Bear in mind, men will get to know you once you begin to talk to them.

The profile is all about giving us just enough to want to learn more about you.

I Miss My Mom

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There were lots of individuals whom I understood: teachers, acquaintances, neighbors, friends, fellow-students, relatives, but I won’t ever forget my Mom, and her name- Maria.

I’ll be grateful to her for everything I’ve ever had in my entire life. She hated injustice, any sort of it, and I hate that, too. She was a great believer, possibly, she had been making mistakes, but she was an ardent Christian who was able to walk 3 km on foot to plead in the “small church”, as she called it. She was calm, but I recall, how devotedly she had been praying on the knees, that hurt her out of the long work, from the chilly winter, by the deprivation. She had just a two-room flat, which she had to struggle for, as she wasn’t a physician, a nurse, but only a waitress. An honest and an open-minded individual. Green or sometimes grey… Those were the eyes of the reality. She taught me the truthfulness and the honesty, the sense of respect and dignity.

I won’t ever forget her face, little and nice, in reality, fairly, sun-burned from sunlight and the years, but always amicable, constantly companionable.

She enjoyed the Holidays, the Christian holidays, the Easter and Christmas. She liked to cook the 12 chief dishes for Christmas, She always enjoyed Christmas trees and got me to decorate them. She enjoyed the lights on the New-Year Tree. She enjoyed happiness, of which she did not have too much. She was always pleased to see me or my half-brother. Each day, when we were with her, was a vacation for her.

I won’t ever forget her hands: how many things she needed to make together! When I was very small, she needed to bring wood for the furnace to heat up our two-bedroom flat. Afterwards, she used to bring a few coal to make the room warm. When there was no timber, she had to walk in the nearest grove and to collect the fallen tree branches, to bring them to utilize them as wood to the stove.

Her life was tough. She was able to live with my grandfather and my grandmother (be awarded to them the Kingdom of Heaven!) , she needed to work in the area, to graze the cows, to pick up berries, to bring the sheaves into the house, to wash, to cook, to assist with the remainder of her sisters and brothers (they were 8).

She couldn’t really get decent education, as she needed to work at home. They could research only in winter time, in ferocious frosts. There was the rule: sisters had to go to college in turn, as they had only 1 pair of booties to use. The elder went more often, the younger, my mom rarer. She’d only 3 levels of the basic school, but she knew that a whole lot, she learned a lot from life.

Her family wasn’t from Ukraine. She was able to tell me, how they were planning to Rzeszow on foot into the church. She also said, that they were visiting a Polish Catholic church, also, even, celebrated Christmas with their neighbors, and the neighbors seen them on “their” holidays.

They had been deported from their territory in 1945, I believe, according to the Polish “Vistula-Operation” order, which, I think, was a mistake, as, after, in the loft, I found a birth certificate of my grandma, where it had been denoted “rusinka”, which imply a Rusyn.

They had to leave all they had, and come to a place they did not understand, but they wanted to be closer to the boundary, perhaps, trusting that the times would change, and they’ll have the ability to return to their real Fatherland. It did not happen.

They worked hard. They overcome the Nazis job, with which they had an issue with their grandmother, as a German asked her, if they had “a Russ”, and she chased him, believing that he had been requesting an iron to press clothing.

They had to hide in trenches throughout the Polish-Ukrainian battle, as my grandpa told me, they were afraid, as many people were slaughtered in their homes.

They needed to “enlist” in a collective farm, as the Soviets had to “prove” their truthfulness to Bolshevism, and they took from them all they had, having left just 1 cow, 1 horse and ten hens.

They had to work night and day. They could work on their plot only on Saturday, but not frequently, either, as, quite often, they had been ordered to work for the collective farm.

My mom was quite young, when she needed to begin to work for a “woman” in Lviv/Lwo’w.

Afterwards, when there was a sanatorium opened, she moved back to her loved ones, and began to work there, being just 15 years old. She had to work to help the household. In the evening, snow or wind, rain or thunderstorm, she needed to return, and, early in the morning, she had to go to work again, until she had been given a room to reside in.

She understood the war. She told me, she had been helping bringing bullets to the soldiers.

She met my “dad” in a location of her job, but he seemed to be a rascal, as lots of the chaps were, drank, left me and her, so I had never seen him and had never known him.

I was told by my aunt, which my mother had no money for her to feed me, she went to Lviv, where my biological father lived, took his jacket and his view, sold it, and decided to not see him again.

She adored the poultry, she tried to be nice and rich enough during the years of the Soviet crisis, when there was nothing in shops. We had been working on our “rod” (plot) planting potatoes and other veggies. We had vegetables and meat, as we worked.

She helped me so much: she was giving me money, the supply, when I was a pupil in Drohobych. I had been missing her so much, that, first I was coming home every week, however, it was very hard, as it took 6 hours to arrive.

She loved us, the boys. I can barely find the right words of gratitude to say enough thanks to what she’d done for me.

She’ll ever be.

I remember her asking me to go to church, when I was living in the united states. She was really proud and joyful. I used to study in Rome, but she asked me to return home, to Ukraine. I don’t understand, if I had been right, as my brother told me to stay there and to continue research. He did not know, that one of the luxury and beauty of the Italian Capital, I was a foreigner, who obtained the “permesso di soggiorno” (consent for remaining) just before my departure to Ukraine: Italians did not really respect me or my knowledge. She might have been correct. Thank you!

I won’t ever forget, the last time, once I met her. She was ill living at her sister’s place in a village. She wanted me to stay, but I couldn’t. She explained that my wife and my son as well as their relatives did not want me. But I understood: he wanted me, possibly, not instantly, but it was important for him to understand, I was nearby, I could help him, he understood he had a dad.

We were left alone, in my aunt’s home, as she had been in the hospital. My mom was helping with the poultry, with water, with everything else, as my aunt couldn’t walk any more: the job as a cook almost killed her.

I didn’t understand, what to do. I was telling her information daily reading the papers. She liked to plead with me. I found a booklet of Prayers to S. Antonius, and we prayed the entire booklet in one seating.

She knew, I’d return to my son, and she advised me never come again, as he needed me I guess.

I adored her, and one can’t imagine, how sad I was leaving her. But she wasn’t alone. I knew, she desired to live at her place, but it was hopeless, as she had been old, ill, and she couldn’t be left alone.

I called every week to speak with my aunt and my mother. My aunt told me to not call so frequently and not to spend as much money on the calls. I had been sending them some money to help them out: both could not walk. And the money wasn’t of big help, since the ambulance, according to my aunt, did not even come, when they heard that it had been an older woman who needed help. The physicians had one comment: “era”.

I dropped her in April. My half-brother called me and stated that she was no more. She said that my mother died on her hands: she got up, my aunt gave her some water with honey,and she passed away…

It was the toughest time for me. I gave some money to my brother, I sent some money to my aunt, I went into the church to purchase a service. I had been praying night and day, three times, as it had been ordered. I know God will forgive her sins, if any, She is going to be awarded the winner of Our Lord. She was great, and had good hope in Jesus Christ.

I have her photo in addition to the shelf in my area. The photograph of a young lady. She was my mom, and I am praying for her every day, in every language I understand. I think, I will do it for ever. I adored her, as much as she loved me. God, please, be merciful her, the person who had an old icon in the times, when her family was living in Poland. The icon of the Virgin Mary from Lourdes, with an inscription in French

Do You Know You?

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Although, it appears, the huge majority, of people, seem to believe, they completely comprehend, themselves, including their needs, goals, priorities, strengths, weaknesses, etc, the truth is, it’s indeed, just the rare individual, who’s really, ready, willing, and able, to move, with the utmost level of introspection, and objectivity, in order to truly, understand his SELF! Either most people, bury – our – mind – from the sand, and move, with a sense of denial, or, we’re reluctant, to do, all that is needed and necessary, to become the best, we could possibly be. With that in mind, this guide will try to briefly, discuss, review, and consider, using the mnemonic strategy, what this means, and why it is important and relevant.

1. Strengths; system; alternatives: Begin this procedure, by, and thoroughly, contemplating, and assessing, both, your strengths, in addition to weaknesses! When obstacles present themselves, are you going to resort to whining and whining, or realize, improvement and quality, comes from moving, always, in a solutions – oriented fashion! Avoid making excuses, however, always, proceed, focused on achieving your aims!

2. Emphasis; compassion; excellence; endurance: You will only get together, better, with other people, once you’re eager to listen effectively, and learn consistently, to be able to move, with the utmost level, of real empathy! Be strategic, and understand, where to put your emphasis! Avoid the temptation, to take, good – enough, but, instead, demand your utmost level, of personal excellence. Will you maintain this amount of relevant endurance, to be able to stay personally motivated, to concentrate on being, the very best, you may possibly be?

3. Like; adore; studying; listening; leadership: Can you really, like yourself, and think about yourself, worthy of being respected, etc? Do you care, sufficient, to appreciate, to do, what you will need to? What will you be studying, every day? Are you paying attention, listening, and getting better, by profiting from each experience, and/ or conversation? Have you got the personal leadership, to do, what is best, instead of merely, expedient?

4. Religion; face facts; fruition: Will you have enough, religion, in yourself, to trust, your choices, and do, what is best? Rather than burying – your – mind, in the sand, it is essential, to confront the facts, and move, accordingly!

How well do you know, and understand, your SELF?

Mistaken Identity

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Anywhere in the world you see now, you’ll see that Nigeria is negatively talk of the town, they are never known to be good people, though there are a whole lot of good ones. But in their side, the world thinks that the weed of crime bears bitter fruit. They do not care to know Which section of Nigeria you come from, and how often an indigence of a specific region was captured in a mischievous act, once “Nigeria” is said, “nothing good comes from criminal schemes”. That would be the last judgement.

It says;

“If Africans do not love Italians, they won’t come to Italy, since there are an infinite number of destination options, even for undocumented immigrants. But it disturbs me so much that the people we love do not love us, they optically discern Africans as devils, exactly Nigerians. When a black man greets Italians on the road, they won’t respond, when he goes to their church (Catholic) they’ll avoid his sit, they’ll also avoid his sit on a bus. There are lots of black Africans craving on the roads of Italy, they weren’t destined to crave, but it’s due to the situation they find themselves in Italy. The majority of them have great erudition and expertise for different sorts of tasks, but because they’re black men and women, the chance of working in a business is less. However, It isn’t only Italians which are concerned in this matter, but they appear to be xenophobic. In Nigeria where I come from, once we see white people, we treat them we welcome and protect them even more than we shield ourselves we do the exact same to other our foreigners that are not white. We’re not doing this because we’re fools, but since we love foreigners. The Bible withal tells us that man was made in the image of God, but it doesn’t inform us that the picture was Black, White, Coloured or whatever. So, I really don’t see the reason why there ought to be hatred among us. Whether you’re a Christian, Muslim, Hindu or belong to some other faith, God is one, that’s the reason even us his children have to be together as one, it does not matter your color. So please, stop preventing Black folks, the color is natural, It’s Not dirt nor disease”

You see, but now the story has changed, I’ve understood where their detestation for the Nigerians comes from. We’re THE CAUSE OF EVERYTHING

However, Cultism was regarded as a group of people who have a spiritual or cultural identity, but now, it has grown into a different religion through creating a radical different theology, (Cannibalism) the killing and eating of another one’s own species. I haven’t sold nor taken hard drugs before, and I don’t have any intention of doing that until death knocks on my door. I’ve not paid a dime into a prostitute for sexual intercourse since I was born, and I don’t have any intention of doing that until I die. Formerly, I might have naively begged for presents from my loved ones in my youth, therefore, I’d call that “youthful exuberance”, but I have never and will never think of standing on the roads of Italy begging for “cash” whereas I’m not handicapped, I’m physically and emotionally intact to function, even though it must maintain a mortuary, for as long as money comes out from there, I will be compelled to work it. Why?

I ask; has that not change my individuality and character from yours? Is it not obvious that there are still some individuals who try so hard to stay good citizens only for the improvement of their respective societies?

In Italy, Africans especially Nigerians have been involved into cultism, which violates the law of the European union as a whole, their latest mindset is beyond imagination, and the thing concerning them has been tagged on the table, since they’re now viewed as DEVILS than ever. But if you follow the descendants of those law breakers, you’d determine that they’re always the very same people from a specific area of Nigeria, (Edo country).

I ask again; Should you shield someone and he attempts to set your house on fire, what would you do? Can you blame the Italian authorities for whatsoever actions they may take against the Nigerians? .

I won’t blame them, because nobody cuts the finger that feeds him.

You took risk by traveling to Libya through “Sahara desert” and due to the ongoing persecutions and black slave trading in Libya, you couldn’t stay, you needed to take another risk to Italy throughout the Mediterranean sea, which I describe as “suicidal journey”, luckily, you came in peace and were welcomed by Italians harmoniously, they supply all you need, let you wait patiently while your documents are on the procedure. Your duties would have been (giving God the glory) but rather, some of you opt to bring tears into the eyes of the rescuers.

You see, that’s the reason I have stopped being mad whenever Italians dismiss my greetings on the road, I’ve stopped being angry every time they prevent my sit on a bus, and it does not pain me whenever I go to work for them and they overlabour me as a servant.

I’m well decided to tolerate all. . Believing that God will vindicate me one day, since he knows the heart of everybody, he understands the innocent and the guilty. The area I get mad is that we’re known as NIGERIANS. But there’s one thing that people don’t understand, Nigeria shouldn’t be viewed as a country, but a continent of FOUR countries, such as; (Biafra, Oodua, Arewa & Middle Belt) they had been partly joined as one from the British. Now, tell me why there should not be ideological differences.

Characteristically, BIAFRANS aren’t called cultists, drug dealers, prostitutes, beggars and doers of additional violative characters. Rather, we’re famous for “Business” we work hard to keep our reputations because Biafrans, especially the “Igbos” love to be admired everywhere they are, so we respect ourselves a lot, also.

In Italy, it’s tough to get an Igbo man into cultism, it’s tough to get an Igbo person coping on hard drugs, it’s hard to get an Igbo woman into prostitution, it’s tough to get an Igbo person begging on the street, or even to the few of those who have been conscripted into doing all these due to greed, poor association, impatience and stupidity.

Merely to beat the rap, that is to evade punishment and certainty to all Nigerians for any offense committed by Nigerian.

Should I Date During My Divorce?

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It may be tempting to start dating after you and your partner have decided to file for divorce. After all, it is always reassuring to have a third party there to support you through this challenging time. Although you and your spouse might have already split, the court still recognizes you as a couple. If you decide to pursue a relationship in the midst of a divorce, then here are some issues that may arise and that You Need to consider:

Hazards in Court. However, your new relationship may factor into branch of land or spousal support. Living with your boyfriend or girlfriend might be factored into the judge’s decision of how much spousal support is given to or from the former partner. Even if you’re not living with your new spouse, the presents they give you might nevertheless be taken into consideration when deciding property division. Starting a new relationship before your divorce is finalized can take a toll on your former partner. He or she might suspect you of cheating prior to the divorce process started, or they might be more difficult to negotiate especially when attempting to mediate. If your ex-spouse sees how fast you could proceed, they might become angry and fight more aggressively to try to make certain you don’t get what you would like.
Parental Responsibility Difficulties. They might not know why mommy or daddy suddenly has a new friend they spend their time with. Although courts do not ordinarily take your children’s needs into account, for those who have an older child, they might have the ability to influence the judge’s view if they don’t enjoy your new connection or how fast you’ve moved on.

You can never be too careful once you are in the middle of a divorce. Having a group of skilled family law lawyers on your side can help you guide you during the divorce procedure. An experienced divorce lawyer should answer the questions you have, discuss your options and your specific case that will assist you understand your choices during the divorce procedure. A skilled lawyer might be a priceless asset to protect your and your family interests.

Social Media And Divorce?

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Social networking has impacted our society in many great ways. Our lives are made easier. Pretty much anything we would like to know is fast found at the conclusion of a mouse. We readily catch up with friends on numerous social networking sites. But, there’s also a down side. .

Media and Relationships

Studies have found that these sites may have a negative effect on relationships and might even give rise to divorce. A spouse may spend as much time that they neglect family time and harm relationships. The temptation is there to appear former girlfriends or boyfriends and linking could trigger past feelings or begin an affair. 1 recent study by the journal, Computers in Human Behavior, used data gathered from U.S. Facebook reports and discovered a connection between social networking use and diminished marriage quality.

Utilizing social media is negatively correlated with union quality and enjoyment, and positively correlated with having a troubled relationship and considering divorce.

A twenty per cent annual increase in Facebook registration was associated with a 2.18 percent to 4.32 % increase in divorce rates.

Electronic communication can make users feel more free and open in their communication with other people. It can be done anonymously and is simple to use to run an affair.

Everything you say may be used against you. A recent poll conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, revealed that nearly 99 percent of its member lawyers have seen a rise in evidence obtained from smartphones (including text messages) and other wireless devices during the previous three decades. All were used for demonstrating infidelity and other kinds of misconduct in family-law instances.

As you’re married, even if divorce appears likely, avoid disparaging your spouse on social networking or using your FB page to vent about your own relationship. If you have to vent, confide in a trusted personal friend privately or speak with a counselor or therapist. Airing marital laundry, even to your “friends list,” can make things worse and may be used against you in the event that you do file for divorce. Bottom line: If you are thinking of divorce – even in the event you intend to file for divorce online and expect it to go amicably – take some measures on social networking.

The Wonderful World Of Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears Watching over Baby Teddy Bear Figurine

Teddy Bears have been around for over 100 years, but it does not stop inventors and designers from creating wacky new methods of using, changing, or (in some instances) destroying them!
In the innovative to the kitsch, the world of Teddy Bears is filled with inventive new ideas, which range from the wonderfully touching, to the downright bizarre!

Surprisingly, this is not a joke! This Japanese ‘toy’ has actually been designed to make life simpler at your wedding! Rather than throwing confetti at the wedding couple, the Japanese go one step further and throw Teddy Bears!

Obviously, someone somewhere in Japan realised that this convention could be made a great deal simpler if they had a gun to ‘throw’ the Teddy Bears for them, and so created the Teddy Bear Gun.
This contraption– produced by Japanese paintball gun makers, Sunamiya– utilises the science supporting their paintball guns to push the Teddy Bear via a transparent barrel, high into the air with a simple ‘click’ of the trigger.

Luckily, no Teddy Bears are injured by means of such a contraption as each bear is fitted with their miniature parachute, so that they glide safely and back down to Earth to wish the bride and groom well in their journey.

At a first glance this is only a normal, adorable Teddy Bear, but as soon as you pull off its head (Yes, you’re expected to decapitate this bad Teddy Bear!) , it becomes a USB memory stick, with the mind acting as the cap.
Once plugged in, it seems like the Teddy Bear has been sucked into your PC! Poor thing. Perhaps someone had a score to settle? We’re not too certain if, or even if these Teddy Bears will return to the market. So in the event you don’t feel like waiting to learn, it can not be that difficult to pull apart one of your much loved cuddly toys…

The ‘Huggable’ Teddy Bear certainly fits into our ‘wonderful’ category!

This Teddy Bear has been developed to serve as a robotic companion for the sick, elderly or infirm that are not able to enjoy the existence of actual creatures, and the benefits this can bring. The thought of this ‘Huggable’ was born following clinical trials demonstrated that animals can decrease stress levels in patients, but a few- because of allergies or local restrictions- aren’t able, or allowed to get access to these animals.

Making use of the most recent sensate-skin technology, cameras from the eyes, microphones in the ears, wireless technologies and data collection methods, the Teddy Bear has been designed to react to touch in how a real creature would, and communicate in a suitable manner.

The objective is to provide a very helpful tool for care providers that’s emotionally pleasing and provides real, measurable health benefits to patients. This must be the most innovative, forward thinking, technologically packed Teddy Bear we have ever seen!

Appealing to Teddy Bear lovers all over the world, a nifty little Teddy Bear MP3 player, capable of storing 128mb of sound, using a USB connection, and a liberal $78 price tag, seems set to become one of the most useful and functional Teddy Bears accessible, without compromising on cuteness.
Made by Tomy, and weighing in at just 50g (excluding battery), this fairly retro looking merchandise will provide you around 8 hours of playback from one AA battery!

As soft and as reassuring as a ‘real’ Teddy Bear, this bizarre Teddy Bear Chair was made by furniture designer Matti Klenell. Fantastic for any Teddy Bear lover searching for something entirely different to furnish their house, ‘Mido’ is an upholstered Easy Chair, shaped like a Teddy Bear, initially displayed at the Agate Gallery, Stockholm as a part of an impressive solo exhibition.

No, this is not the hottest military job, but a Teddy Bear fitted with the most recent and most innovative technology. The Teddy Bear has been designed to respond to the Teddy Bear’s owners’ voice, movements and even facial expressions!

With Microsoft showcasing a high tech Spy Robot Teddy Bear in the TechFest trade fair, the stage looks set for additional investment and development into intelligent Teddy Bears capable of recording minutes of your kid’s day, reading them a book, as well as linking to a parent’s system in a distant location to allow them to ‘schedule a repertoire for a kid’. The options seem endless!

Originally, this Teddy Bear was developed to plainly track somebody’s movement around a space, but since then, the entire project has exploded, and future strategies to the Teddy Bear will take this toy into an remarkable level of sophistication.

This might be the strangest and most disturbing Teddy Bear I’ve ever come across, and slots into our ‘weird’ category flawlessly!

Called the somewhat reassuring ‘TeddyBearBand’, this ‘cuddly toy’ was surprisingly designed by Philippe Starck who asserts that ‘an overabundance of toys promotes adultery’ in children, causing him to make this sort of hybrid of Teddy Bears/soft toys which seemingly meets all of a child’s needs!

With this Teddy Bear using a rabbit for a hand, and a puppy to get a foot, it packs more animals to a cuddly toy compared to the typical Teddy Bear, but I am concerned about the dreams I will be having tonight after seeing this thing, let combined the effect it will have on a young child.

This marginally odd-looking Teddy Bear, designed by the designer Leah Culver, doubles as an all-purpose remote controller.

While keeping it’s softness and child-like allure, this Teddy Bear makes a remarkably powerful, fully functional remote control. Squeeze the Teddy Bear’s torso to play/pause your own program or film, and adjust the volume with a gentle pinch of this ear.

We really enjoy this one!

This cheeky but fun GPS-fitted Teddy Bear (Navirobo) sits on your dash and directs you to your destination. But heaven forbid if you take a wrong turn, for your cuddly companion– that does a little jig once you finally reach your destination– will mock you!

This is a terrific, laugh-out-loud Teddy Bear, designed and manufactured in (you guessed it!) Japan, is going to be a excellent addition to your dashboard which will make your long journeys home far less tedious!

When Barney the guard dog went on a rampage in Wookey Hole Caves, it was no ordinary Teddy Bear that became one of her victims

Mabel, made in Germany in 1909, who formerly belonged to none other than the King himself– Elvis Presley– lay mortally wounded, surrounded by the remains of nearly a hundred rare Teddy Bears, ruined by the foul-tempered Doberman Pinscher.

The Teddy Bears were on loan at the time of the assault, exhibited at Wookey Hole Caves, Somerset. Mabel– purchased for $40,000 by Sir Benjamin Slade, an avid collector of Elvis memorabilia– was, not-surprisingly, the star attraction.
Barney, who was supposed to be guarding the Teddy Bear collection, worth over #400,000 was wrestled to the floor among the remains of the Teddy Bears, with “Heads pulled off, arms, arms and there, it was a whole carnage really. I have never seen such a mess, there was stuffing, fluff and keep bits everywhere.”

Can our Teddy Bears have feelings too?

With so many weird and great things happening in the Teddy Bear world, it makes you wonder if our cuddly friends have emotions and feelings of their own. Can they come awake at night and recall our moments of cruelty?

Perhaps it’s sometimes true that we form connections with all the inanimate objects we surround ourselves with and finally humanise our Teddy Bears, and in doing this, we start treating them like they have human emotions- pain, fear, love. In any case, here in Funky Bears, we are sure the mad Teddy Bear creations will continue, and we can not wait to see the upcoming weird or terrific thoughts that people in the same sector as ourselves will produce!

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