Mistaken Identity

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Anywhere in the world you see now, you’ll see that Nigeria is negatively talk of the town, they are never known to be good people, though there are a whole lot of good ones. But in their side, the world thinks that the weed of crime bears bitter fruit. They do not care to know Which section of Nigeria you come from, and how often an indigence of a specific region was captured in a mischievous act, once “Nigeria” is said, “nothing good comes from criminal schemes”. That would be the last judgement.

It says;

“If Africans do not love Italians, they won’t come to Italy, since there are an infinite number of destination options, even for undocumented immigrants. But it disturbs me so much that the people we love do not love us, they optically discern Africans as devils, exactly Nigerians. When a black man greets Italians on the road, they won’t respond, when he goes to their church (Catholic) they’ll avoid his sit, they’ll also avoid his sit on a bus. There are lots of black Africans craving on the roads of Italy, they weren’t destined to crave, but it’s due to the situation they find themselves in Italy. The majority of them have great erudition and expertise for different sorts of tasks, but because they’re black men and women, the chance of working in a business is less. However, It isn’t only Italians which are concerned in this matter, but they appear to be xenophobic. In Nigeria where I come from, once we see white people, we treat them we welcome and protect them even more than we shield ourselves we do the exact same to other our foreigners that are not white. We’re not doing this because we’re fools, but since we love foreigners. The Bible withal tells us that man was made in the image of God, but it doesn’t inform us that the picture was Black, White, Coloured or whatever. So, I really don’t see the reason why there ought to be hatred among us. Whether you’re a Christian, Muslim, Hindu or belong to some other faith, God is one, that’s the reason even us his children have to be together as one, it does not matter your color. So please, stop preventing Black folks, the color is natural, It’s Not dirt nor disease”

You see, but now the story has changed, I’ve understood where their detestation for the Nigerians comes from. We’re THE CAUSE OF EVERYTHING

However, Cultism was regarded as a group of people who have a spiritual or cultural identity, but now, it has grown into a different religion through creating a radical different theology, (Cannibalism) the killing and eating of another one’s own species. I haven’t sold nor taken hard drugs before, and I don’t have any intention of doing that until death knocks on my door. I’ve not paid a dime into a prostitute for sexual intercourse since I was born, and I don’t have any intention of doing that until I die. Formerly, I might have naively begged for presents from my loved ones in my youth, therefore, I’d call that “youthful exuberance”, but I have never and will never think of standing on the roads of Italy begging for “cash” whereas I’m not handicapped, I’m physically and emotionally intact to function, even though it must maintain a mortuary, for as long as money comes out from there, I will be compelled to work it. Why?

I ask; has that not change my individuality and character from yours? Is it not obvious that there are still some individuals who try so hard to stay good citizens only for the improvement of their respective societies?

In Italy, Africans especially Nigerians have been involved into cultism, which violates the law of the European union as a whole, their latest mindset is beyond imagination, and the thing concerning them has been tagged on the table, since they’re now viewed as DEVILS than ever. But if you follow the descendants of those law breakers, you’d determine that they’re always the very same people from a specific area of Nigeria, (Edo country).

I ask again; Should you shield someone and he attempts to set your house on fire, what would you do? Can you blame the Italian authorities for whatsoever actions they may take against the Nigerians? .

I won’t blame them, because nobody cuts the finger that feeds him.

You took risk by traveling to Libya through “Sahara desert” and due to the ongoing persecutions and black slave trading in Libya, you couldn’t stay, you needed to take another risk to Italy throughout the Mediterranean sea, which I describe as “suicidal journey”, luckily, you came in peace and were welcomed by Italians harmoniously, they supply all you need, let you wait patiently while your documents are on the procedure. Your duties would have been (giving God the glory) but rather, some of you opt to bring tears into the eyes of the rescuers.

You see, that’s the reason I have stopped being mad whenever Italians dismiss my greetings on the road, I’ve stopped being angry every time they prevent my sit on a bus, and it does not pain me whenever I go to work for them and they overlabour me as a servant.

I’m well decided to tolerate all. . Believing that God will vindicate me one day, since he knows the heart of everybody, he understands the innocent and the guilty. The area I get mad is that we’re known as Melbourne Beach Opossum Removal. But there’s one thing that people don’t understand, Nigeria shouldn’t be viewed as a country, but a continent of FOUR countries, such as; (Biafra, Oodua, Arewa & Middle Belt) they had been partly joined as one from the British. Now, tell me why there should not be ideological differences.

Characteristically, BIAFRANS aren’t called cultists, drug dealers, prostitutes, beggars and doers of additional violative characters. Rather, we’re famous for “Business” we work hard to keep our reputations because Biafrans, especially the “Igbos” love to be admired everywhere they are, so we respect ourselves a lot, also.

In Italy, it’s tough to get an Igbo man into cultism, it’s tough to get an Igbo person coping on hard drugs, it’s hard to get an Igbo woman into prostitution, it’s tough to get an Igbo person begging on the street, or even to the few of those who have been conscripted into doing all these due to greed, poor association, impatience and stupidity.

Merely to beat the rap, that is to evade punishment and certainty to all Nigerians for any offense committed by Nigerian.

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