Pool Is Open!!

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the pool open year round? Based on where you live this is an alternative, but for the rest of us, unless your swimming pool is indoor, then you are going to need to shut it in the autumn. All isn’t lost! Based on how you shut the pool the previous autumn, opening the pool must be a piece of cake.

The first thing you will need to do when opening a pool would be to take the cover off. Now in case you reside in a place with plenty of blowing leaves in the autumn, you will probably have some leaves and other debris on the cover. If you can get this off until you take off the cover you have won the battle, otherwise the debris will get in the water and you will only need to vacuum it up after.

You can now go on and reconnect all of the hoses and equipment and refill the pool. Hopefully you stored all of the hoses and their various connectors together which will make opening the pool operate all the more easily. When the winterizing plugs are outside, and the hoses are securely fastened, grab the hose and then refill the pool!

When you’ve got a wonderful full pool again it is time to prime the pump and get it working once more. Here is where you can fix anything that’s leaking or replace parts which were either lost or are on their last legs. After everything is working in prime sequence and you’ve called Critter Control it is time to check the water and include the essential substances to get it clean and optimal for swimming.

Now’s the time to vacuum the bottom of the pool and wash the sides, which makes it as clean as may be after it is winter break. Place the ladders back, the diving board and slide back in place if they’ve been removed throughout the winter and give the water a shock treatment to eliminate germs and viola, you are all set to enjoy this backyard pool once more!

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